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Anukulchandra Chakravarty popula-
rly known as Anukul Thakur, was a self-proclaimed godman who promoted the
Radha Shawami organization, also known as Satsang, in Bengal . He was a homeopathic practitioner by profession. Anukulchandra registered the Bengali branch of Satsang in Himaitpur.
Died: 27 January 1969, DeogharSpouse: 1) Sree Sree Boro Ma (Sorashibala Devi); 2) Sree Sree Choto Ma (Sarbomangala Devi)                       
Father           Shivchandra chakravarty
Mother          Manomohini devi

Born               14 september 1888  Himaitpur
                        Village District pabna ,
                       Present-day Bangladesh
Died              26 January 1969 Deoghar ,
                      district Deoghar Jharkhand 
                     State , India.
Spouse        1) Shoashibaladevi  (Sree                                   sree Boro Ma )
                      2) Sarbomangla devi (Sree Sree 
                        Choto Ma)
Children        Amarendranath  Chakravarty 
                      Bibekranjan Chakravarty(son )                          Sadhana devi (daughter)
                         Santwana devi (daughter)
                         Anuka devi (daughter)
Guru                Huzur Maharaj
<2h Life style of Thakur 2h>is very simple     
Thakur Anukul

          Anukulchandra Chakravarty  popularly known as Anukul Thakur, was a self-proclaimed godman who promoted the Radha Soami organization, also known as Satsang, in Bengal He was a homeopathic practitioner by profession. Anukulchandra registered the Bengali branch of Satsang in  philosophy and homeopathic.                   Teaching and Philosaper : Anukulchandra wrote "The degeneration of humanity began at that moment "when the unseen God was made infinite and ignore the seen, the worship of their saying began Oh mankind! If you desire to invoke your good,forget sectarian conflict. Be regardful to all the past prophets. Be attached to your living master or god and take only those who love Him as your own. Because all the past prophets are consummated in the divine man of the present.
Thakur Says :Ideal Ideas -in which you see the traits yourself .This ideal is considered the mirror, you can be a delighted to see your reward after being miraculous ',Again, it is considered ideal-that is through legal rules of Vidhata, in the specially that you have erupted by or by which you have been rewarded by it. ie by donating and
accepting their unfavarable state, Get up therefore they are the ideal which are special features in which you can make your achievements in the pursuit of your specialty.
       Protceting charm: - The great Sri Sri Thakur  said, "If any of my worshipers properly meditates and honors me, then they can not be killed. That is the protection of protection". In the same way, in the traditional Hindu scripture 'Mother', the good looks preserved for the child. So he gave birth to the first son of Sri Sri Thakur, the mother of Manmohini Devi, the lord Maharaj ordered Manmohini to initiate Thakur. Because the lord Maharaj knew that Sri Sri Thakur was himself a Purushottam ,so he said after coming to Tagore, "Namka Nami Agiya Aur Maara Kam Hogia". In the same way, we should have observed that during the battle of Kurukshetra, Mother Gandhari gave protection to the destructiveness, ie, the eyesight of her eyes was the preservation of the monstrosity. But he can not save his son due to male saint Shri Krishna. - - Here is the vision of the man-given truth and the eyes of his mother are the protection of the child. So Thakur said, "I do not want to exclude my father." Again, the practice of worshiping the lord Shakti Durga means that the worship of his mother is worshiped. If we worship our mother in this case, it will be the great power of Durga Puja. Mother's blessing or eye sight and good name given to the goodie or the name of the name is our protecting charm.      

Today, if it is necessary to hear King Krishna, King Rama and the Prophet Muhammad or King Jesus, then we find their words in the words of Sri Sri Thakur. If today mankind should follow the path shown by one of the previous prophets, so that we can see the road in the vision of Sri Sri Thakur Ancumbling Chandra.

If God is one, it makes sense that the messenger should be the same. God's message rests upon all the prophets who went through different times. The latest version of God's message and especially heard by the good words Sri Sri Thakur.

None of us see God, so we cannot prove by Sri Lanka Thakur that God is God in the flesh and blood. The Dewa Sri Sri Thakur hood is set in a variety of styles.                 
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