The story of MahaShivrati of Lord Shiva

  ভগবান শিবের মহাশিবরা গল্প/ মহা শিবরাত্রি কীভাবে পালিত হয়।  1 "পূজার শক্তি: শিবরাত্রির গল্প" শিবরাত্রি, ভগবান শিববের রাত্রি, একটি হিন্দুত্ববাদী হিন্দু সম্প্রদায়ের মধ্যে দেবতা শিবের সম্মানে প্রতি বছর উদযাপী হয়। সেরাবটি শিবের অনুসারদের জন্য সবচেয়ে গুরুত্বপূর্ণ এবং নেতা হোস্টের মধ্যে একটি বিবেচিত হয় এবং ভক্তি, উপবাস এবং আচার-অনুষ্ঠানের সাথে পালন করা হয়।  2. "উপবাসের পথব: একটি শিবরাত্রি ভ্রমণ। শিবরাত্রি হল একটি হিন্দু দেব যা হিন্দু ধর্মের মহা প্রধানতা শিবের সম্মানে প্রতি বছর পালিত হয়। এমন একটি রাত তা যাধ্যাত্মিক, ভক্তি এবং উদ্যেত পরিপূর্ণ। According to Hindu mythology, the story behind Mahashivratri goes back to the time when Lord Shiva saved the world from a terrible drought. The gods and the demons had come together to churn the ocean of milk in order to obtain the elixir of immortality. During this process, a deadly poison called Halahala was released, and it threatened to destroy the entire world. To save the world, Lord Shiva drank the poison and held it in his

Paneer veg Biryani recipe/How to cook veg paneer biryani recipe

How to make paneer biryani recipe

Paneer veg Biryani recipe 

Biryani is a dish that is loved by everyone from children to adults. This is a one pot meal that you can prepare for your daily meals. You can use different vegetables in this, but today we used cheese here. Cheese is very high in protein, so you should add it to your daily diet.

Serve Paneer Biryani Recipe with Bundi Raita and Papad for dinner. You can make it for your home party.

Now back to the recipe..this is a simple yet delicious paneer biryani..I love paneer but these days I am substituting paneer for tofu. I think they both have same texture but tofu is much healthier..this biryani has so much flavor because we are adding good amount of coriander leaves. Great for parties or lunch boxes. I hope you will like it as much as I do.

Paneer Biryani, full of flavor and aroma, make it your daily meal. You can also use vegetables with cheese in it.

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How do cook Shahi veg sabji 

How to make Shahi matar paneer 


    Ingredients for Vegetable 

   Paneer Biryani:

   . 2 cups basmati rice 

  . 2 large onions, thinly sliced

  .  2 tomatoes, chopped

   . 2 green chilies, chopped

   . 2 tablespoons ginger-garlic paste

   . 1 teaspoon turmeric

   . 2 teaspoons biryani masala

  . 1 teaspoon cumin powder


   . 1 teaspoon coriander powder

   . 1/2 teaspoon red chili powder


   .  2 cups water


   . 1/2 cup curd

   . 2 tablespoons lemon juice

   . Salt to taste


   . 2 tablespoons oil


 . 1/2 cup coriander leaves, chopped


  . 1/2 cup mint leaves, chopped 


      How to make paneer biryani                             recipes 

   1. Rinse the basmati rice and soak in water for 20 minutes.

   2. In a large pan, heat oil and sauté the onions until golden brown.


  3. Add the ginger-garlic paste, green chilies, and tomatoes. Cook for 2 minutes.


  4. Add the mixed vegetables and cook for 5 minutes.


  5. Add the paneer cubes and cook for 2 minutes.


  6. In a separate pot, bring the water to a boil and add salt, turmeric, biryani masala, cumin powder, coriander powder, and red chili powder.


  7. Add the soaked rice and cook until the rice is half done.


  8. In a large, deep pan, layer the rice and the vegetable mixture, starting with the rice. Repeat the process until all the ingredients have been used.


  9. Sprinkle lemon juice and curd over the top layer of the rice.


  10 . Cover the pan and cook on low heat for 15-20 minutes or until the rice is fully cooked.


  11. Garnish with coriander leaves and mint leaves. Serve hot. 

  Paneer Biryani, full of flavor and aroma, make it your daily meal. You can also use vegetables with cheese in it.

If you like this recipe, you can make it too.